Commission another series of Deal or No Deal!! Bring back the Dream Factory!!

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Thankyou!! 100 Signatures Achieved!!

Hi Everyone!! I'd just like to say an absolutely Massive thanks to each and every one of you guys that have signed my petition so far resulting in the achievement of 100 Signatures!! However, we still need many more signatures if Channel 4 are going to take us seriously. It'd be really great if you could continue to share the petition with family, friends and over social media too. Any promoting would also be very much appreciated although this is certainly not something I'm going to pressure any of you into doing. I've read all of your fantastic comments and it's great to see that we have some past Deal or No Deal Contestants supporting this petition!! As you may be aware, I haven't yet written the letter that I plan to send with this petition to Channel 4 bosses so any ideas as to what I can include in this letter would also be much appreciated! Once again, a massive Thankyou to all those that have signed so far!! It really does mean a lot as I, like many of you, have a huge passion for the show. Let's continue to get these signatures racked up to bombard and get Channel 4 bosses to see common sense, that this incredible, unique, life changing game show should NOT End!! Thanks :D

Tom Payne
6 years ago