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Channel 4 (@Channel4): Stop broadcasting Benefits Street and make a donation to a relevant charity for the harm caused

UPDATE: Unfortunately we weren't able to stop Channel 4 from broadcasting Benefits Street, the final episode aired but I am proud of what we achieved with this petition. We opened a huge debate about how people using benefits are portrayed in the media. I'll be keeping the petition open. I believe that we should continue to protest any news that humiliates or paints a negative picture of the disabled, sick and the vulnerable in society.


On Monday Channel 4 broadcast a programme called Benefits Street. The program tried to show that 90% of people living on the street are on benefits of some sort. Within minutes people took to Facebook and Twitter with comments like "I'd go down this street with a baseball bat".

Having lived in Birmingham, not far from where the program was made, I can honestly say this show is not representative of people in the area.  

Benefits Street has portrayed people on benefits as scroungers and it’s wrong. I have worked for 23 years but after major surgery am now unable to work and receive some benefits. The backlash and abuse of social networks towards people on benefits as a result of this show has shocked me. 

Channel 4 should not broadcast any further episodes of the program -- it is creating a skewed image of a section of society and stirring up hatred. This is not a responsible approach from a public service broadcaster. 

The series is set to run for four more episodes. Please support me in calling on Channel 4 to stop any further episodes of this horrible program being broadcast and make a donation to a relevant charity for the harm done. 

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