CHANNEL 4 - Give Die Hard Its Rightful Broadcast On Mainstream TV Just Before Christmas

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As you can see in the tweet above, there is a very real risk that Channel 4 will not be giving Die Hard its rightful and traditional broadcast just before Christmas this year.

As a committed Die Hardian fundamentalist, I cannot stand by and accept that Film 4 will be a suitable alternative for a Christmas movie of this magnitude (I don't care what anyone says, it is definitely a Christmas movie).

It needs regular commercial breaks to allow the viewer enough opportunities to sit back and digest everything that has happened, while also providing a comfortable pee and tea schedule.

Broadcasting this movie on mainstream television in the close run-up to the big day is an absolute must. Such a high-profile outing gives millions of people all over the United Kingdom the opportunity to learn about so many different stories of heroism from that fateful night in 1988.

A maverick cop single-handedly kicking the shiny shite out of a load of nasty East German terrorists. A brave police officer overcoming his fear of discharging a firearm to bust a cap in the blondie who was about to kill McClane and possibly catch a whole bunch of emergency services workers in the crossfire. The Asian guy laying down his life to protect the code for the vault. The limo driver and whatever he did. Everything.

As far as I am concerned, if you can find a place in the schedule for a load of tits and c*cks, and that other show where they all make dating decisions based upon seeing naked wobbly bits, then you can spare a few hours for Die Hard.

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