Changing dress code

Changing dress code

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Why this petition matters

Started by Savanah Chapman

My name is Savanah Chapman and I don’t know about you but school dress codes within high schools can be strict, overly strict at times as well. I’m starting this petition to over rule south kitsap high school dress code here is some knowledge within the dress code that is currently posted within Policy NO. 3224 student dress, under the student policies 3000 series. 

  • perserving a beneficial learning environment
  • students choice in matter of dress should be made in consultion with their parents 
  • Damage to school property will result from the student dress or a material and substantial disruption of the educational process will result from the students dress or appearance 

the adoption date on this document was July 15th ,2015.

as in results this is a one page document and there is nothing in the document that says we can’t wear spaghetti straps , finger length shorts or other basic dress code conducts that the teachers try to inforce. 
recently the south kitsap high school staff had a meeting about dress codes. And as word as spread is that they are trying to ban leggings,  ripped jeans, crop tops, tank tops . 
i would like to know how there is anything wrong with any of those clothing pieces majority of peoples wardrobes are those items. 

there is also a lot of discrimination on this topic within women. Dress codes are more effected with on us women at school. Of course basic knowledge don’t be showing up to school in a brallet and short shorts but dress coding a girl for there bra strap showing is utterly dumb. It may be I guess considered “underwear” but if a bra strap bothers you so much may you shouldn’t be teaching and that makes you the problem. 

Another issue is that it extremely difficult to find any source of student dress in student hand book as in results that they don’t update the student dress often online.

As there are more issues but these reasonings are some of the main ones I really hope you will support ! Thank you

savanah Chapman 

266 have signed. Let’s get to 500!