Remove Parkersburg High School's Racist Mascot

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According to, the student body of Parkersburg High School is only 0.1% Native American. With a student body consisting almost solely of white students and no significant Native American history surrounding the school, having the Big Red Indian as our mascot is offensive, obsolete, and outdated.

This video shows our mascot doing the "Big Red Indian Dance" circa 2010.

In 1915, the name "Big Reds" was adopted with the colors red and white. The name, for the color. But in 1961, the mascot was added. It's not part of the history of our school and was way past the point where this would be deemed insensitive to Native American culture.

Today, we need to strive for better. We as a school and a great community need to dismantle these racist stereotypes and do better for the Native American population of not only our county but our state. Along with that, influence future generations to look up to forward progress, rather than old ideals.

Please sign this petition to better our school, and make it a welcoming place for not just some, but all.

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Written by: Rose K (Class of 2021).

Photo: Evan Wiseman (was given permission by Evan to use his photo).