A Plea to Investigate Norwalk Special Education

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Dear Sir or Madame,

Diana Wentzel, Commissioner of SDE

Bryan Klimkiewicz, Chief, Bureau of Special Education

 Mary Jean Schierberl, Head of Due Process/Complaint Division

 RE: Norwalk Public Schools Systemic Complaint

 We, the undersigned are Norwalk residents and the parents/guardians of an identified special needs child. We want the State Department of Education to know, on the heels of complaint #19-0181 filed On October 3, 2018 by Attorney Robin P. Keller, that our children also have not received all of the supports and services as identified on their IEP. We request that the state conduct an in-depth investigation of Norwalk’s special education practices and implement a plan so our children receive their IEP academic support, services and accommodations.



Parents of Special Education in Norwalk, CT