Change year 2021 to 1 AC (After Corona Started), the start of an era

Change year 2021 to 1 AC (After Corona Started), the start of an era

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“Make air clean again”

“Let's take care of our oceans”

“How does the future look like?”

There are few events in history that really change the world as we know it, Coronavirus has and will teach us unforgettable lessons about life, our world and the way we live, making us realize how we are reaching an unsustainable unbalance.

It could be unbelievable we live in a world where some people have more money than they could ever spend in many lifetimes, and at the same time, we have people who do not have access to a restroom, food, water, electricity, and much less to proper health care.

30 days of vehicular/industrial pause was the time needed to stop an excess of pollution in the big cities, it's just wonderful to be able to see the stars at least for a while in my city. Just imagine being able to see the milky way every time you look out at the window and have clean air once again.

The most noticeable change out of everything in these last months is how global coordination changed the world in such a short period of time and this method is a definite way to approach the future, to start focusing in concepts way bigger than us �

”Like exploring our galaxy


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