Change WSSC's discriminatory rate structure

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Imagine buying a hamburger meal at a fast food restaurant. The customer in front of you pays $4.50 for their meal. You purchase 4 meals for you and your three children, expecting to pay $18.00, but instead you're charged $27.00 ($6.75 apiece) because the restaurant wants to discourage large purchases. Outrageous? Discriminatory? Yet this is exactly what happens when suburban Maryland residents in PG and Montgomery counties receive their water and sewer bill from Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, or WSSC.

The rate that you pay for every gallon you use is determined by your total household water usage. Under the guise of encouraging water conservation, WSSC charges as much as double the rate per gallon to large households that of necessity use more water than smaller ones. No other water utility in the region, or even in the country, bills this way. This billing policy is discriminatory and needs to change to a flat rate, for which everyone is charged the same rate, or to another more equitable rate system. WSSC came up with and transitioned to this unique, bizarre, and discriminatory system; surely, they can do better.

This system was put in place in 1978, when water rates were a fraction of what they are now. With rates increasing since then, and doubling in the past 10 years, many larger families have water bills of $500 or more. That's simply not affordable for many. And it's just plain wrong. Their bills would be at least $200 less at the lower rates charged smaller households.

We, the signers of this petition, urge WSSC to transition to a rate structure that is equitable and does not place an unfair, unsustainable burden on large households.

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