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 CHANGE WORKERS COMPENSATIONS LAWS!!!! PROTECT INJURED WORKERS!!! If you are permanently disabled due to a work injury, you should get equal compensation as to what you would get from a personal injury lawsuit. Your life has been completely altered and forever changed, so you deserve to be able to sue for pain/suffering, etc (everything that you are eligble for through a personal injury lawsuit).I feel that the employer should be held liable for negligence and unsafe working conditions that cause injuries and that is why I feel you should be able to sue under a personal injury lawsuit.  I also feel that if there is a pension system through your employer, if you are permanently disabled from the work injury and are unable to work, then your employer should be required to give you the pension. For government workers, there is Accidental Disability, and I feel the employer should be required to do the involuntary application for Accidental Disability Pension. the employer should not be alowed to fire you if you are unable to return to work due to the on the job injury, rather, they should give the pension.  As far as workers comp medical treatment, it has been our experience that the doctors try to rush you back to work even when you are not medically ready, and also at times they have not given proper medical care, ignored severe symptoms, etc, and some of the doctors have been fraudulent with medical reports just to help the employer not take responsibility for the injuries. And because of this, I feel that injured employee's should have the right to chose their own doctors for medical treatment. It has also been my husbands experience that the employer has not complied to court orders, so I feel that there should be stricter penalties for the employer breaking the laws. I overall, feel that the workers compensation laws,  civil service laws, and pension laws,  should give more protection for the employees, especially those that become permanently injured/disabled from an on the job injury.

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