Change to Proportional Representation

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Voters should have the opportunity to consider proportional representation (including the Open Party List System) as a major alternative to the present electoral system (preferential voting in single-member-electoral districts) that is GROSSLY biased towards the major parties in the House of Representatives. Proportional representation is based on multi-member electoral districts that provide opportunity for new parties to gain representation in the national Parliament. The current system  is adversarial in the extreme and has become dysfunctional in many ways. Most European countries use PR (21/28) and also others like e.g. New Zealand and South Africa. Altogether 89 states use a PR system. A form of PR is used in Australia in the Senate where smaller parties and Independents are doing an excellent job as a result. Tasmania and the ACT also have the Hare-Clark system of PR. Australians have NEVER had the opportunity in a referendum or plebiscite to express a preference for an electoral system and now are compelled to vote for the least undesirable major party! Why should this continue? This is supposedly a democracy and we should have a say in what electoral system we prefer in Australia. The electoral laws in Australia (1918 and 1924) have created the illusion that voting here offers a meaningful democratic choice. In reality this is not so at all. It is in fact also the denial of a human right. That right would be restored by introducing proportional representation as it promotes a meaningful, real  choice, diversity in our Parliaments and a new democratic political culture. In the Open Party Lists System (used mostly) voters can indicate their preference for a party AND a particular candidate on its list with ONE mark. If you want more information please contact me:

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