Change to ex parte divorce law

Change to ex parte divorce law

8 July 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Preeti Sharma

I would really appreciate if every one understands or tries to understand what i am going through.

This is to stop men and women equally to misuse the ex party divorce law and cheating their partner out of their rights.

My husband and his family wanted money as dowry,gold,money to build house,a child from me so they can give it to their daughter who was unable to conceive neither naturally nor through ivf. They would insult my aged mother and my family. I was mentally,physically and emotionally abused by my husband and his family. 

My husband then tried to attack me with the will to kill me as his family had found a rich girl to marry him off again.

I left him and somehow saved myself. He had taken all my earnings,pf money,loan money, everything and disappeared and went back to his hometown.

He did not respond to the police complain and if responded made excuses.

I found out he was remarrying in 2019. And in 2020 i found out he gave me a divorce ex parte but i never received anything neither when he filed nor later.

Due to this being in a different state and money conscent and finding the lawyer and covid situation when i finally filed the case i am being slapped by a counter case stating too much time has passed and as per law its not permitted.

If it takes 7 years to decide a person is dead if you cant find them how is it possible that an ex party divorce is given within 1 year from the date its filed without any notice being sent to a person.

I want this law to change as men women and lawyers are misusing this law to their advantage.

I want the law to change to 7 years waiting from ex parte divorce if the other party does not respond to give equal opportunity. Along with that it should also be implimented that if the party who files case states tge other party is not responding the party needs to submit proof of contact or try to contact the other party themselves. 

The time period to challange ex parte divorce shold be changed and or exception should be given.

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Signatures: 96Next Goal: 100
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