Make the World a Better Place

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We have to change the world, make it a better place, for ourselves and for other people.

We can do it with simple things in everyday life, such as helping with housework, picking up trash on the floor, etc.
Or we can donate, to help others, an example of a foundation: #thecameronboycefundation , the @thirstproject ,etc. (search about that) 
•Example of person: @thecameronboyce, Cameron, he was an 20 year old boy who unfortunately left us very early in July 2019. He besides being famous had a golden heart, he just cared about other people and was part of from various foundations.
His life story is fabulous and heart touching, and the world needed to know it because he was basically an angel in this world and we need more people like him.
He fought hard for human rights and many other things.
And his dream, before he died tragically, was to make the world a better place ,because look,the world is so bad right now and we are the guilty.☢️

-> We all go...what you leave should be bigger than you. (Cameron Boyce)

 I would very much that people know about his background and who he really was.
This young men deserved everything but not death. And we can't let him go into forgetfulness. He was an example of a human because he has done more in 20 years than a person with 100. 
Look , we have work to do, and we have to enjoy life better, because tomorrow we won't know if we're here or not.⏳
In short, we cannot let superior people rule the world, we are all children of God and we are all the ones who have to act to change the place who we lived.
All together, we can do it! 
Don't ignore the fact that we can still save the world and chenged it because it is really sick now. 
Think, report and make the change!♻️�