Justice for Yasemin Uyar

Justice for Yasemin Uyar

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Jacqui Pscolka started this petition to City Counsel and

Our goal is for Tyler Rios to receive capital punishment for his action and reform the laws that could help prevent this from happening to another person.

We are aiming to change the way the courts address restraining orders, stalking charges and domestic abuse.


On Wednesday, July 7, 2021 Sebastian Rios, 2, and his mother Yasemin Uyar, 24, were abducted from their home in Rahway, New Jersey by Tyler Rios, 27.

Multiple Amber Alerts were released to bring mother and child home.

Sunday morning July 11, 2021 Tyler Rios was found in Monterey, Tennessee along with his son Sebastian Rios unharmed but Yasemin Uyar’s whereabouts were still unknown.

That same evening Yasemin Uyar’s remains were found in the woods not too far the hotel Rios fled to nearly 800 miles from their home.


Rios has a history of domestic violence, strangulation, intent to cause bodily harm, abduction, violating restraining orders, destruction of property, theft, harassment, stalking and holding Uyar hostage. Multiple events were done in the presence of Sebastian Rios.

The state pressed multiple charges in the past against Rios but justice has never been served. Unfortunately he was released multiple times with little to no protection granted for Yasemin Uyar. Just weeks before he kidnapped them Yasemin attempted to file a police report for Tyler’s stalking and destruction of her car’s engine but sadly nothing came of it.

Yasemin’s entire life was dictated by her abuser. She couldn’t keep a job. She couldn’t live peacefully on her own. She was unable to live freely without fear of him finding her and her son, Sebastian. Nothing ever kept him away so in turn she was terrified to speak up against him. Yasemin was so fearful of Tyler’s capabilities that she was often reluctant to seek out services and programs to get out of the relationship.

The current laws in place to protect individuals from their abusers need to be reevaluated and updated. Restraining orders need to come with harsher punishments. Specifically for repeat offenders and anyone with multiple charges against them. Violent offenders need to be watched, regulated and frequently evaluated. Any complaints or disputes toward them need to be taken seriously.


According to The Strangulation in Intimate Partner Violence Fact Sheet by The Training Institute For Strangulation Prevention ( https://www.strangulationtraininginstitute.com/ ) provide chilling statistics:

“Data on strangulation reveals a glaring picture of the severity of this type of assault. One in four women will experience intimate partner violence (IPV) in their lifetime, and of those, up to 68 percent will suffer near-fatal strangulation at the hands of their partner. 

Of the victims, 97 percent are strangled by hands; 38 percent reported losing consciousness; 35 percent are strangled during sexual assault/abuse; 9 percent are also pregnant, and 70 percent of strangled women believed they were going to die. “

They also added:

“ • “Death can occur days or weeks after the attack due to carotid artery dissection and respiratory complications such as pneumonia, acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), and the risk of blood clots traveling to the brain (embolization).”

• “Psychological injury includes PTSD, depression, suicidal ideations, memory problems, nightmares, anxiety, severe stress reaction, amnesia, and psychosis.” Imagine what goes through the minds of victims after their partners have damaged their ability to eat, speak, and breathe?”

Unfortunately Yasemin suffered through multiple of these things until Tyler Rios ultimately took her life.


No one should have to watch a loved one lose control of their life.  Eventually they lose it all because their abuser slips through the cracks of the law. Yasemin wanted to do great things with her life and hopefully despite the tragic events of July 7th we can make that a reality.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!
At 25,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on Change.org!