Change the Supernatural finale

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This petition does not aim to discredit the amazing acting and hard work that Jensen, Jared, Misha, and all the cast and crew have put in, but aims instead to fix the story we were given.

Most (not all) Supernatural fans WERE NOT happy with that ending. The last episode completely ruined the whole show, and it shouldn’t have. Also, the fact that they apparently ‘beat Chuck’ and were ‘finally free’ only to live out the ending he wanted was horrible. Jensen even said that the finale was ‘hard to process’ and it’s clear as to why.

There was still many plot whole left open. It is hard to wrap up every loose end, but things like what happened in The Empty as it became ‘too loud’ or who the new Death is were left open when these characters were made out to be significant throughout the entire season.

Jensen and Jared are both busy with other things, as are most of the other cast and crew, but all we ask is that we get one extra episode. Almost like a re-write or extension of 15.20. Even simply adding Cas saying ‘Hello, Dean’ at the end of the episode would put a lot of fans at ease.

The way Dean died was horrible. A screw? That man has literally died and come back and endured so much worse yet a screw killed him. And this is after Cas died trying to save him.

Castiel finally got the courage to come out as Queer and he was shoved into a place where he would re-live his worst nightmares. He was given a very vague, two word mention in the finale.

Sam lived out the rest of his life practically alone. He didn’t have his brother or friends. He didn’t end up happy with Eileen. He only got a son, that was it.

Jack is literally three years old and he became God. Only a few episodes before we saw him asking Cas for parental permission to sign up to social media and talking about a teddy bear he had.

We all know TFW 2.0 deserved a better ending and I hope we’ll get that.