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Change the status of pets/companion animals from property to "furry" children

It is 2011 and our pets are classified under the law as "property" just like your vehicle, furniture, etc.  We know they feel emotions like we do, i.e. pain, fear, happiness, loneliness, etc..

When they are harmed by someone, whether through criminal behavior or veterinary malpractice, our only recourse through the civil courts is hardly worth it because they have a market value just like your car when you are in an accident.

We need to request our municipal, state and federal legislators to upgrade their status to better protect them.

Please sign my petition in the name of those pets who have suffered and those whose lives have been cut short at the hands of someone just like my Sammy's.  Thank you.

Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
Pennsylvania State House
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Pennsylvania State Senate
President of the United States
Pennsylvania Governor
Dear Legislator, Governor or President,

I am requesting that the status of "property" for pets/companion animals be changed so as to deter their treatment at the hands of negligent veterinary practitioners and criminal behavior by uncaring people.

We need to move from the Dark Ages because it has been documented to no end that our pets feel emotions as we do. They know pain, fear, happiness, loneliness, etc. Currently when a pet is harmed, owners have a less than meager recourse through the civil courts as their market value is hardly worth fighting for and courts can only enforce the laws you promulgate.

Legislation would have some deterrent effect and help countless numbers of frustrated owners get some justice for their "furry" children. If possible, could this legislation be called Sammy's Law?

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