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Change the SP+ and Jamison Services "No Parking" from 9AM to 3PM Policy at Central Plaza

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On June 1st, the SP+ 24 hour parking lot at the Central Plaza on Wilshire and Mariposa (3440 Wilshire Blvd.) suddenly announced that they will no longer be allowing parking from 9AM-3PM for their monthly paying apartment residents. Anyone who lives in the apartments and parks in this lot will not be allowed to go in or out of the parking lot during the hours of 9AM-3PM without paying $16 every day.

If our cars are parked in the lot during these times, management confirmed that we will NOT be allowed to get our cars out without paying an additional $16 dollars. If we try to enter the lot during these times, we will also have to pay $16 dollars. Again, this is all despite the fact that we already pay $110 dollars for the monthly 24 hour parking.

They cut daytime parking hours in half with no notice and no lowering of cost. They have held vehicles hostage and even booted cars in order to extort them to pay the $16.

They are doing this so they can sell the same parking spots twice. Management confirmed that they are doing this to sell the spots to businesses in the daytime and then again to apartment residents at night to make twice the money. This isn't right. If it is legal, it shouldn't be. If this were done to any other month-to-month contract, they would be taken to court.

The parking situation in Koreatown is already overcrowded. There is simply not enough street parking for the amount of people who live here, never mind the visitors and business patrons. This new policy by SP+ will send tons of cars onto the street to look for parking during high-traffic and high-congestion, which will create traffic jams, block the road, cause potential car accidents, and endanger the children of the high school and the pedestrians of the neighborhood.

The area cannot physically support the parking for cars that this policy displaces. The street parking is metered and two-hour maximum. We have street sweeping from 10AM-1PM twice per week, falling exactly within the time that this new policy prevents parking. On top of it, our neighborhood is also frequently used for filming, which often restricts all street parking altogether. SP+ and their holding company seem to be deliberately taking advantage of this to extort money from the residents of this neighborhood, who already pay a premium to park in their lot.

We've since learned that this policy was handed down by Jamison, who owns the building, the parking lot, and a large majority of Koreatown. They also own all parking lots within a three-mile radius. Since the introduction of this policy, SP+ and Jamison have ordered all parking lots in the area to refuse to take new monthly customers so we cannot leave to park in another lot and are forced to pay this premium so that they can profit.

Building managers have lost tenants over this. The parking situation in Koreatown is well-known, so buildings who don't have allocated parking advertise the lot as a solution to the parking problem. Some buildings even offer a discount if tenants park in the lot, effectively subsidizing SP+ and Jamison. Now, it is no longer a solution. Anyone who works anything other than a 9-5 job now has to pay $16 dollars daily to get to work. This works out to an extra $360 per month on top of the $110 just to get to work if they leave at their usual hours. This is clearly an injustice.

This policy is not only detrimental to the neighborhood and residents, but it also negatively impacts local businesses. Many businesses have lost customers because their customers are no longer able to find street parking, as it is all occupied by the displaced residents unable to afford $360 dollars per month to park in a parking lot that they already pay to park in!!!

We've called SP+ and spoken to their employees many, many times. Most of the time, management refuses to speak with their customers. They refuse to reason with us or work out a solution to our problems. If management does call back or agree to talk, they simply say that it came from Jamison and that they have no control over the policy. When we bring up the fact that we had no notice, they said that they did notify us, and refer to the notice they posted in their office AFTER monthly tenants had paid and the policy went into effect. They are doing everything they can to avoid accountability and compromise.

When we signed up to park in this lot, we agreed to pay for the advertised 24-hour parking. Not 18-hour parking. Not 8-hour daytime parking. For SP+ and Jamison to slash the parking hours is not only a complete lack of respect for their paying customers, but also a complete disregard for the community and people of Koreatown.

I thought monopolies were illegal precisely because of situations like this, where businesses extort their customers because the business knows that their customers have nowhere else to go.

People are unable to get to work, people with medical conditions cannot get to their doctor's appointments, teachers are scared for their students who are nearly hit daily by drivers so focused on finding parking that they don't look at the road, and people who are disabled and cannot walk easily find themselves leaving the house less and less because they cannot park blocks away and walk home... and all this is because one company decides they want to make more money.

This is wrong, and we desperately, desperately need your help. Our community is suffering.

Thank you,

Koreatown Parking Justice

PS: We just found out that on top of all of this, they're raising the price to $120 for monthly "24-hour" parking.

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