Change the OAA new IAP rule for existing enrolled Interns

Change the OAA new IAP rule for existing enrolled Interns

June 7, 2022
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Tina Carfa (OAA, Executive Assistant, Executive Services) and 4 others
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Why this petition matters

From the OAA:
"Intern Architects enrolled in the Third Edition have until June 30 to complete the program requirements for this edition of the IAP. If Intern Architects are unable to complete the Third Edition requirements by this date, they will be automatically transferred on July 1 to the new Fourth Edition and be required to complete the updated requirements."

The IAP 4 includes even more hours in specific categories, which will delay most interns who already did the EXAC and are hours away from completing their program.

For comparison between the hours required in each program, click here.

This letter is to be sent to the OAA to raise the concerns about the new IAP:

"To whom it may concern,

This letter is on behalf of all the intern architects who share the same frustration with the new announcement in regards to the IAP Hours system.

Many of us , with the signatures provided below, have very few hours left and have completed the EXAC. We are all hours away from becoming licensed.

We believe that this is an unfair and uncalculated decision that will hold many of us back from progressing with our careers. Below are some of the concerns we have :

1- Many of us where already held back due to the COVID lockdowns, Site restrictions and many lay-offs that happened around the province.

2- Not all offices work with Green buildings or sustainable measures. This is a matter outside the intern control. Measures like this should be enforced in architectural offices to practice prior asking interns to gather such required hours.

3- There should’ve been a formal email to all existing interns registered with the existing hour system to bring it to their attention about such change , as it’s unfortunate that a lot of the OAA emails get missed.

4- Its unfair for people that have been trying their best to get licensed within decent years to be held back minimum of 2 years extra.

5-Having a rule with no exceptions/ exemptions is discriminating to those who are on leave of absence (medical, maternity or parental leave).

Enforcing this new unforeseen law to all previous applicants with the IAP 3 is adding pressure and frustration to many.

We understand that the new hours that are added are very important for the professional and personal growth of interns ; however we are requesting that this matter to be reconsidered especially for interns that have completed more then half of there hours.

We expect the OAA to represent and support the growth of its interns, but we are in awe with this decision especially with our understanding that many of the interns are unaware of this decision.

This is a signed petition by all the interns that share the same hindrances , and we would really appreciate you reconsidering this matter in hopes to come up with a solution that will satisfy both parties."

Please sign and let's all raise the concern that is affecting our careers.

Support now
Signatures: 211Next Goal: 500
Support now

Decision Makers

  • Tina CarfaOAA, Executive Assistant, Executive Services
  • Lashmi OlivierreOAA Administrator, Internship in Architecture Program (IAP)
  • Ria SorianoOAA Administrative Assistant, Internship in Architecture Program (IAP)
  • Susan SpeigelOAA President
  • Regulatory Organizations of Architecture in CanadaRegulatory Organizations of Architecture in Canada