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1898 Race Riots and Wilmington Massacre
•We are asking Wilmington citizens to sign this petition to change the name of Hugh McRae Park. 
(name to be determined at a later date by a panel) 

Hugh MacRae was a key player, along with Alfred Waddell, in instigating a very dark time and aspect of the state's history.  

In 1898, he was a leader in the conspiracy to overthrow the legimately elected black-white fusionistleadership of Wilmington, North Carolina. MacRae organized the white supremacist mob and campaign that kept blacks from the poles during the 1898 election and then led a vigiliante group, along with Alfred Waddell, that took to the streets in Wilmington to murder blacks the next day.

The ensueing violance and slaughter that took place in the city has become known as the Wilmington Race Riot.  Members of the white supremacist group, led by Afred Waddell, later wrote and implemented a white supremacist manifesto, a set of resolutions called the "White Declaration of Independence." These resolutions demanded that the mayor and police chief resign and required Alex Manly, publisher of the city's African American newspaper the Record, to close his paper and leave town. The group would go on to replace the city's board of aldermen and consolidate power in the hands of the city's Democrats.

From 1898 to 1900 the Democrats continued to solidify political control in the General Assembly and across the state, undoing much of the work that had given blacks and poor whites better access to voting and participation in government.  And in 1900 the General Assembly passed an ammendment to the state constitution that took the right to vote away (called disfranchisement) from African Americans. In the years that followed, segregation was cemented as both legal and social

We are asking Wilmington residents to sign this petition to change the name of Hugh MacRae Park.
(Name to be determined at a later date by a panel) 

•The land for the Hugh MacRae Park was donated to Wilmington, by Hugh MacRae in 1913. 

•The Hugh MacRae Park was donated to the "white citizens" of Wilmington by his grandfather, identified by many historians as one of the "Secret Nine" who planned the 1898 coup.

•Now it stands as a park that has playgrounds, tennis, soccer, and baseball fields. There is a dog park, a place for horse shows, six outdoor picnic shelters, a small lake, and a war memorial on site.
Wilmington citizens will not support any events at Hugh MacRae Park under any circumstances unless the park name has changed. 

•Wilmington citizens will gather in large numbers to the New Hanover County Board of Commissioners and demand that tax dollars not go toward Hugh MacRae Park

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