Change the name of ABC's upcoming drama "Murder Town"

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Wilmington, Delaware deserves a chance to overcome its challenges with violence. Allowing a nationally broadcast show to name our city "Murder Town" will cement our image in the local and national eye as a place of violence.

I have grown up here and watched the trends. Young people want to leave. People who stay complain about problems that they haven't done anything to try to fix. This is the type of attitude that destroys a town, and this is exactly the attitude that the label "Murder Town" promotes. But there are many people working against this who care about this city and making it better. Being a good neighbor, taking pride in where we live, supporting local businesses, and volunteering in the community; this is a part of Wilmington as well, and these are the things that Wilmington needs. I have personally put a lot of energy into all of these things over the years, and I know of many others working towards the same goal.

Please consider the vast number of people working for positive change here in Wilmington. A tv show can have any name. If you are going to depict our city in a television drama, please choose to call it something that would not be so demoralizing. Please do not exploit the pain and loss so many have suffered and use it to the detriment of an entire city.


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