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Why this petition matters

Started by sahana sabapathy

The mshs jumpers are seen to be formal and go well with the rest of the uniform but has a major drawback; the material.

The jumpers let air go through very easily and do not keep us warm
Many students walk to school and back home and when it rains it would be useful for the jumpers to be somewhat waterproof like the cav road jumpers

During winter many student suffer from the cold and can not do anything about this due to the strict uniform policies.

The teachers are allowed to wear whatever they want to keep them warm where as we students are left to stay cold in the useless jumpers.

Many other schools provide different jumpers to keep the student warm and safe for example cav rd, so atleast bring in another option that we can use.

Stop worrying about presentation

It is time the jumpers change.

663 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!