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Footpath cycling - make it legal for kids, seniors and other vulnerable people

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Under current law it is illegal for kids to cycle on the footpath, with two very tiny exceptions (very small wheels and delivering newspapers or junk mail).  This is a problem because:

  • it discourages kids from cycling, as roads are too busy and dangerous for their level of skill and development
  • to keep kids safe parents must encourage their kids to break the law

It doesn't make sense and it needs to change.

Why do we care?

  • We want our kids to be able to safely ride to school, soccer or around their neighbourhood. 
  • We want to make it easy to get active.  Families who want to go for a ride are forced to load their bikes onto the car and drive to dedicated facilities.
  • We want to teach our children to obey the law, not pick and choose
  • We care about our aging population and other vulnerable cyclists
  • We still want safe and connected cycleways for everyone to use but we also want kids to be able to use the footpath to get to and from them.
  • We need kids to be physically active to keep them healthy
  • We want to be able to teach our kids to be responsible, courteous and considerate path users.  This will make them better drivers.

We need to let our politicians know that this is something we care about, and that we want changed NOW.  They need to hear that it is no longer a low priority and it needs to come out of the "too hard" pile.  They need to hear that this is something that all New Zealanders care about, that we want to keep our kids and vulnerable riders safe without them having to break the law.  We want change.

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