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Change the law so cats are treated the same as dogs in road traffic accidents

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In the U.K. It is against the law to not take a dog that's been involved in a Roadside traffic accident to the vets but it is not the law to take cats to the vets or to report it! Why? A cat is as much of a loved pet as a dog is so the same rules should apply.

Recently my cat Bertie went missing, probably hit by a car. I was shocked that it would not a driver’s duty to try and save his life, or to let me know what had happened.

Over 230,000 cats are run over every year and the person who runs them over has no responsibility to that animal at all. For years people have been trying to change the law but there hasn’t been any progress yet. If even half of the 230,000 people who had a cat ran over last year signed this there's a chance the law would be changed.

The current law, requiring people to stop and report if they run over a dog, saves hundreds of dogs lives every single year. Cat’s are beloved pets too - the law should be the same.

So please sign and share. Help stop the hurt that people go through when their pet doesn't come home and they've no idea why!

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