Change the law regarding cats, their status, health, care and protection

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On Monday 1st October 2018 one of our cats was rushed to the vet due to vomiting and loss of balance,  on tuesday 2nd October we had to say goodbye to our two year old precious as she was put to sleep due to kidney failure and nervous system damage caused by deliberate antifreeze poisoning.

our neighbours cat was also poisoned and passed away on Saturday 29th September 2018, this was their 3rd cat to be poisoned 

we believe that these were targeted attacks on our pets by a neighbour within the square which we live in

the police and sspca have been informed, they are investigating but of course we have no evidence of the cowardly people doing this.  The law does not recognise cats in the same way it does dogs or larger species and we feel it’s tome the law was changed

Before this happened I wanted to promote a cat care programe but now I want to also incorporate cat protection laws which not only raise a cats status within society but also promotes and ensures proper care of cats health, wellbeing and protection from harm 

I want companies that make poisons which cats find palitable to change the way they make their products to include something bitter and distasteful so that our cats aren’t drawn to eating food laced with poison 

please sign and share this petition to help me get the laws changed and start protecting our cats