Same sex partner on the birth certificate

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Change the law to allow both female partners in a lesbian relationship have their name on a child's birth certificate if they are not married

So a lot of society still seam to think that the world has changed so much and the LGBT community have so many equal rights now, but the truth is we are still fighting for equality and that's what I'm doing here today by starting this petition.

So me and my beautiful life partner have been together for 5 years now and 3 years ago we decided to take our relationship to the next level and start to plan for our own little family.
Now for a gay couple this is not easy it takes a lot of planning and costs a lot of money, so we looked in to IVF and soon realised that we could not afford the cost privately and that the NHS would not help us because of our sexuality however hope was not lost as we did find some web sites that help couples who are in same sex relationships, single women and heterosexual couples conceive by offering free sperm donations.
How this worked is that men from all over the world would offer their sperm to couples like me and my partner to help us start our dream of having a family.
So after months and months of speaking to these amazing men who are so selfless in what they do for others we finally found the person who would change our lives forever.
He donated sperm to us only once and we then went through the artificial insemination process in the comfort of our own home, 2 weeks later we done a pregnancy test and we could not believe our eyes ours dream had come true my amazing partner was finally pregnant with our first baby.

Once I found out I was soon going to be a mummy I made some phone calls to family law solicitors to see if I could be put on the birth certificate when the baby was born and to my disappointment and shock this would not be and here is the reason.

I could not be on the birth certificate of my beautiful baby girl because my partner and I were not married before conception, yet if we had gone through a registered clinic I would of been.
Also and this is the really upsetting part, a woman can take any man to the registry office and put his name on a child's birth certificate yet ME a woman who has helped create this life just as much as my partner, Me a woman who has been there from pregnancy to birth, who has worked and provided for this child day in day out, who loves her daughter unconditionally, ME her mother I cannot be on my own daughters birth certificate because I am not married to my partner! How is that equality?

Why does marriage make us stronger, it does not! I have committed the rest of my life to my partner so why would marriage change that.

We are now pregnant with our second baby due in just only 2 weeks time (same sperm donor) and again I face the same discrimination because of my sex and sexuality.

For my children to be legally mine and for me to have parental rights I must now adopt and I cannot do this until the new child has lived with me for 6 months, it's discussing how the LGBT community, gay couples and family's are still treated so unfairly.

Please help me change this law so I can finally be what I so rightfully deserve and that's a mother to my children legally on their birth certificates.

Thank you