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Change the Law: Brewery Kegs

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When A-Town Pizza was forced to close last month for owing back taxes, all of the restaurant's property was seized, which included kegs that they did not own. 

The problem is that breweries sell beer, not kegs. When a restaurant purchases beer from a brewery, there is an understanding that the kegs, the container itself, is leased from the brewery and that only the beer inside is purchased. The law doesn't see it that way.

Instead, the law states that these kegs are the property of the city and instead of returning the kegs to the breweries, they plan on auctioning them off. That's because Section 130-74 of Aurora's tax law says that each brewery needs to file a lease agreement for each keg, for each location, with the city of Aurora. Each agreement costs $8 per agreement, and each keg costs the brewery $100 from the manufacturer. While $100 per keg may not be a lot of money to the city, or to larger corporate breweries, it is a lot of money for small local businesses.

Breweries must also go through this process of submitting each lease every time a new keg is at a new account:

That's why we are asking the state of Colorado to change the tax law that makes an exception for requiring rental agreements be filed with the city for all kegs owned by breweries, cideries, and wineries. 

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