Change "The Halo" to "The Jules"

Change "The Halo" to "The Jules"

17 July 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Daryl Connolly

5th October 2014, Japanese Grand Prix Jules Bianchi was at the beginning of a very promising career racing for Marussia. It was a wet race, drivers were sliding off everywhere. Jules lost control of his car at the Dunlop curve on the 43rd lap and collided with a recovery vehicle that was dealing with Adrian Sutil. Sadly after surgery and a long fight Jules died on the 17th July 2015. 

From this incident the FIA and sporting bodies were able to introduce with very little resistance from the public, the Halo system. 

The Halo is a crash protection system used in open wheel racing to protect the drivers head. It is made up of a titanium bar that surrounds the drivers head and is connected by three points to the frame currently weighing 9kg. 

The FIA made it mandatory for Formula One cars to have the system fitted for the 2018 season. It was first tested in 2016 and weighed 7kgs, it was increased for testing in July 2017 to 9kg and introduced in 2018. 

As a direct result of its introduction here is a list of just some names of drivers that could have potentially not been alive today, please search each one of these incidents to get a true understanding of its importance. 

Tadasuki Makino / Nirei Fukuzumi - Barcelona 2018

Charles Leclerc / Fernando Alonos - Spa 2018

Alex Peroni - Monza 2018

Romain Grosjean - Sakhir 2020

Sarah Moore / Bietske Vissor - Spa 2021

Lewis Hamilton / Max Verstappen - Monza 2021

Roy Nissany - Silverstone 2022

Zhou Guanyu - Silverstone 2022

It is my belief that all of these people and more than like many more, that are alive today honouring us with their great racing and entertainment is a direct result of the introduction of the Halo. It is also my belief that the Halo was accepted by all as a mandatory safety step as a direct result of Jules, therefor I believe that Jules should be honoured every time a life is saved, I would like to rename the Halo, the Bianchi System, for short "The Jules".


Please sign and share, get this with as many people signing as the only way this can work is to make it public. I believe in this cause and I think its possible! Let's do this together. 


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Signatures: 6Next Goal: 10
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