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Change the Dresscode at Reagan Middle School

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The purpose of this petition is to make Reagan Adminstrstors aware of the numerous parents and guardians who would like to revisit the school's current, overly strict and often unfair dresscode. The current dresscode at Reagan Middle School is unrealistic in its expectations that sixth through eighth grade females will be able to find age appropriate clothing that also fits the current dresscode. For example, females can not show their shoulders or wear shorts that are shorter than fingertip length (which automatically makes it nearly impossible for a tall female to find any shorts that would be school acceptable).  Shirts must also be fingertip length if worn with leggings. Sadly, middle school females are missing out on their education time because they are being dress coded daily. The girls are being told they are a "distraction" to their male counterparts and are being "shamed" through hallway and public inspections as well as through assemblies reminding them to stay covered . Athletic wear, which is extremely popular among all students, also poses a challenge because it is tighter and more fitted, which could result in a student being sent out simply for dressing sporty.  In 2017, one would hope that we have progressed far enough that women are no longer objectified in this way. The student in the picture was dress coded because her shirt was not long enough. When a student is dress coded, they are sent out of class and are not allowed to return until someone brings them "appropriate" clothing from home. This is wasted educational and instructional time. Please sign this petition, as a parent or guardian of a Reagan Middle School student, to show your support for amending the current dresscode with parent feedback and input.

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