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Change the dress code policy for Eagle Mountain Saginaw Students

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I am luckily enough to have three wonderful children, they are smart, friendly, active in school activities and extremely smart. 

My oldest will be a Junior in high school this year, as of right now has completed 7 college classes and has a 3.3 GPA at the college, active member of the High School marching band and enrolled in Pre-AP and AP classes in high school, and has a goal of graduating high school with an Associates Degree and a High School diploma.

My middle child will be a Sophomore in High School and has completed two college classes and has a 3.5 GPA at the college, enrolled in Pre-AP and AP classes, is the President of the German Club, and placed in both the District and Regional level on the wrestling team the first year on the team, has goals of competing in the State tournament this year, as well as graduating with an Associates Degree and High School Diploma. 

My youngest will be going into Eighth grade this year, has been a straight A student for all of middle school, will be taking high school level math classes, enrolled in Pre-AP classes, and has competed at  the club level in wrestling and won 3rd place the first year of wrestling. 

They are all girls. 

Recently their school district sent out a reminder about the dress code for this upcoming school year. Complete with pictures. Out of the NINE pictures only TWO were of males, their restrictions were that they can't wear muscle shirts or baseball caps to school. The other SEVEN were of females, who cannot wear, jeans with holes, tank tops, the shoulders bare, shorts that are shorter than fingertip length and beanies. 

On page 52 of the Eagle Mountain Saginaw ISD handbook the dresscode is spelled out further, offering even more restrictions on personal appearance and clothing. 

I feel that to often kids are judged on their clothing, what if the only jeans they have happen to have holes? What if the pressures of defining people on how they dress contributes to my daughters being to hyper focused on their appearance and not on perusing their education. 

Last year my daughter was sent to the office for wearing leggings, the shirt she had on with them went to her knees. I brought her another pair of leggings that had pockets on the back, these were acceptable and she was able to go back to class, she missed a test in her class that day. 

I need the schools to focus on educating my children and let me focus on dressing them. 

Please join me in being a voice for change for them. 

Thank you. 



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