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Change the definition of rape to be more inclusive

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I'll just be honest right now and say that rape laws across the nation are a mess at the moment.  For example, the current FBI definitions of rape exclude a large number of victims of all genders. A man can be force-fed Viagra and be used sexually against his will. And as long as he isn't penetrated in any way, it won't be considered rape by the nation as a whole. This is obviously a bad thing; many people are excluded and not protected properly by rape laws. This must change. The FBI definition might be improved, perhaps, by adding provisions for acts like forced envelopment.

Furthermore, laws from state to state vary wildly, and are sometimes extremely unclear.  For example, the criminal code of Alabama, in Section 13A-6-60, defines sexual intercourse as "its ordinary meaning", whatever that is.  I assume it has to do with penis - in - vagina intercourse, considering "Any act of sexual gratification between persons not married to each other involving the sex organs of one person and the mouth or anus of another" is "deviate sexual intercourse".  Also, in Alabama, "sexual contact" has to be between people who aren't married.  Also, the crime of Sodomy can only be performed by a male, for some reason.  The code also defines "female" as "any female person", which not only fails to tell you anything, but also shouldn't even be relevant.

Laws regarding rape and sexual assault across the nation need to be clarified and standardized.  Forms of rape not involving a penis should be noted.  Rapes that are not with a male actor and a female victim should be noted.  There really shouldn't be these bureaucratic oddities in the first place.

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