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Change the Dress Code

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Our school teaches girls to be ashamed of their bodies through the dress code. All you ever hear is "Boys will be distracted by this". However, nobody ever tells boys not to sexualize women. This is messed up and wrong, and we want to change it.

Girls will be pulled out of class because of their attire, which disrupts the learning environment for everybody. Boys do not, in fact, get distracted by a female's shoulders or collarbones, and nobody really cares until the faculty call attention to it. 

What the adults don't seem to realize is that us women don't dress to distract boys and make them lust our oh-so-sexy shoulders, we dress the way we feel most comfortable, and we shouldn't have to defend that.

Our clothes should be our choice!

Help us make a difference in our school's sexist and unfair dress code!

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