Demand Equal Healthcare Coverage for Women Today

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For decades the majority of US men with prescription insurance have received coverage for medications that treat their most common sexual dysfunction. Today 98% of commercially insured men have coverage for these treatments. Shouldn't women have equal benefits?

It is estimated that one in ten women suffer from HSDD, the most common form of sexual dysfunction in women. The key components of HSDD, low sexual desire and related distress, can negatively impact personal attitudes such as body image and self-confidence and can lead to interpersonal difficulties such as feeling less connected to a partner.

Whether you are a woman dealing with sexual health concerns, a partner, a health care provider, an advocate for women’s rights, or you simply believe that women deserve equality when it comes to sex, now is the time to lend your voice.

Please help women suffering with HSDD close the disconnect between their medical condition and treatment coverage. Now more than ever, women MUST join our call for gender equity when it comes to sexual health. Tell insurers that women deserve equal coverage and parity costs for medical treatment options.

Sign this petition to Benefit Managers to demand parity coverage for medication to treat women’s most common sexual dysfunction.