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Change president of Uganda

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President Museveni Has Lost Leadership Vision:

The government of Uganda is presently in a big mass. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has lost the vision for leadership. And the presidency has become CHEAP, because; it lacks dignity and intigrity.

Apperantly, the current instability in Uganda is an index of a failed government. For example, the land dispute at Amuru; why should a government minister be sent in the field during land surveys? And, why should the police, army and other security personnels accompany surveyors in the field? ALSO, WHY SHOULD THE PRESIDENT BE DIRECTLY INVOLVED IN LAND DISPUTES? Additionally, why should the president meet MPS in the State House instead of office of the president at Parliament building?

All the above, are indicative of a week government and a CHEAP PRESIDENT WHO IS NOW A LAME DUCK. Because, a president himself shouldn't be policing land disputes and surveys.

In general, the root cause of the current instability and revolution in Uganda is: "too much centralization of government management", lack of vertical administrative and hierarchic approach and reliance on horizontal government managerial style.

Consequently, the NRA government is undergoing slow death. Hence it is time for a government change in Uganda. The citizens of Uganda, "the peoples' power/revolution" is moving aggressively and progressively towards the set goal...Ending dictatortsip in Uganda. So, please, join our Ban the peoples' revolution in progress.

Please, sign our petition and share it with your friends: "Overthrow the tyrant, corrupt, illegitimate and dictatorship government of Uganda" which you can find at The renounce world leading activists center.

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