CHANGE our education system to inclusive learning!

CHANGE our education system to inclusive learning!

7 June 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by T M

Our children in the UK are suffering and so many have been failed.

The education system is completely broken...we keep saying it over and over again but something needs to change and it needs to change NOW! Starting with primary school!

The expectation for all children to sit at a desk 5 hours a day (give or take), 5 days a week with no flexibility, rigid learning, teachers raising their voices at the children which creates huge anxiety, no outdoor learning, no creativity, no excitement, no taking into account what the needs of the child are. Children are either under-stimulated, anxious or not challenged enough academically.

Our children have been through what none of could even imagine at their age. Worldwide pandemic, Lockdowns, home learning - all of our lives changed so much and this caused so many new mental health issues and exacerbated existing ones. This has highlighted what has always been the case at school which is that things have never been inclusive and the system needs to change for not just our children but the generations to come.

Our children need to be understood! Individual needs must be taken into account. Some children are fine with certain things but for the majority, this way of learning is not suitable and we should be tailoring education to suit the needs of the children. 

Our teachers need to be better equpped to deal with SEN children. They all need to be trained on how to deal with additional needs and teachers need to understand that you CANNOT put a square peg in a round hole and expect results. They also need to understand how to support exceptionally bright children as well as children who have learning needs and there is no "one size fits all" - we are all unique and different as adults and children are no exception. 

  1. Enhanced Support in class - ALL teachers (including TA's) to have the knowledge, skills and experience to work with children from a range of diverse background and support all SEN in the classroom. This would be achieved by having an advanced SEN qualification as a basic is not enough.
  2. Wider school support - Before a SENDco is appointed in a school, they would further enhance their skills by spending a period of time in a specialist SEN school in order to fully understand the needs of all SEN children and how to manage them effectively. Their experience can then be passed on to the teachers and rest of the current school team which will enable them to be more effective in their role and when working with staff and parents.
  3. Understanding recognition - Reward charts and sticker charts as well as recognition to be encouraged and class teachers to get to know how each child likes recognition. Removal of the "sad" faces or emphasis on the children who have made wrong choices that day as if there is one child who has their face on a red or negative chart, this can be damaging.
  4. Say no to Shouting - Teachers to not raise voices at individual children during the school day in a negative way. Positive shouting for encouragement is great. However, If a child has made a wrong choice, address this by taking them out of the situation and reflecting on what has happened/what could have been done differently. If this doesn't work, use other methods based on the individual child and what is age appropriate. 
  5. Tailored plans - Encourage creativity by tailoring the curriculum more to the child and being less rigid. Allowing the child to express thoughts in their head. Encourage outdoor learning at set times e.g 1 - 2 outdoor sessions per week. Plans need to be in place for every child weather they need further support to get them where they need to be or weather they are above where they should be academically and therefore need to be prevented from getting bored at school. 

If you tailor the curriculum to suit children with additional needs, this will benefit all children weather they have additional needs or not. 

A child who does not have additional needs will not be at any detriment by this approach as all children will access the same academic education but the difference is that it will be more tailored to everyone!! 

School is what shapes our young ones for their future and we need to speak up now to ensure they have the best start in life in order to give them a happy and fulfilling adulthood!!



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Signatures: 9Next Goal: 10
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