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Information about Social Trade (

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Social Trade

Social Trade ( is a brand under the aegis of Ablaze Info Solutions Private Limited which was founded in 2010. Ablaze is a team of technocrats who believe in doing the right thing at right time.

Social Trade is a Social Media/Traffic Exchange Portal, which offers four packages to promote the Digital Presence of the customer.

Along with the purchase of the package, Social Trade also offers a platform to customer to provide service to the company and in return to the services given by the customer, Company pays the service charges to the customer.

Social Trade is not a investment model which can double or triple your investment. It is platform to promote your digital penetration and at the same time become a service provider while sitting at home.

Following are points to keep in mind, while purchasing any of the Social Trade Package

  • We do not sell opportunity to earn money, Kindly be alert of those distributors who are selling opportunity.
  • Social Trade is a channel between the advertiser and the end user. We are not manufacturing anything.
  • Package purchased by you is valid for 12 Months, You will receive full services in a period of 12 Months.
  • Services given by the customer to company can include almost any kind of Digital Marketing Links. Example (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Website Visits Etc.)
  • As you all know, we are living in a competitive market, Social Trade does not guarantee the rate of the services taken from the customer. This rate can vary over the period of time. Current rate is 5/- per Link Clicked/Liked.

Marketing Model

  • Social Trade is based on Multi Level Marketing model, which is a genuine model and opted by many of the reputed companies across the world.
  • Binary Model opted by the Social Trade is a legal way to promote the package and grow the sales exponentially.

Some More Highlights

  • TDS, which Social Trade is deducting is not fixed by the company, It is the Government of India who define the section based on the nature of services/Income.
  • It is not at all Money Circulation or Money Laundring scheme, I suggest bloggers who posts about this to read the Money Circulation and Money Laundring Act first.
  • Our Targeted Audience is not those people who wants to double/triple their money. We are targeting those people who wants to promote their Digital Presence with us, as Part Time Service is by product.

I hope after reading the above message, if you are a part of Social Trade family, you will promote our package to only genuine customers.

I also urge to remove all petitions which are giving wrong information about Social Trade.



Anubhav Mittal

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This petition had 16,765 supporters