We want to be safe, not to be raped.

We want to be safe, not to be raped.

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We women want FREEDOM, not FEARDOM.

I'm a Delhiite and honestly I'm no longer proud of it. As it's familiar to all that how safe Delhi " The (RAPE) Capital of India" is currently. Every day more than 6 girls are raped and 11 molestations occur against girls in the state. There's 277% rise in rape cases in Delhi from past 5 years.

Families fear to send their daughters outside home even in day time. This is how unsafe Delhi has become. In January 143 rape cases were registered in Delhi out which 43 remained unsolved. Also women are not even safe in their house. Fathers, brothers and relatives rape and molest the girls. And thus these girls suffer from depression. Infants are even raped. Even they're not spared from this heinous crime. 

After the Nirbhaya case, the rape cases increased instead of decreasing because the culprits didn't get the punishment yet. Death sentence have been passed but not executed. Its been almost 5 years since the Nirbhaya case happened and still the rapists are alive. Why it's taking so long to punish the rapists?

The major reason of rapes increasing in our country is that there is no deterrent punishment for it. There is zero fear in the minds of men because they know how slow our judicial system is and how many of them escape the punishment. Most of the rape cases are not even registered because of strong political or business background of the rapists family. Rapes can be diminished only when our law and our punishments become deterrent. There needs to fear in the minds of men and they should know that if they even tried to commit rape they'll not be spared.

We women are just a body to be used? Why can't we walk safely in our own country ? Why aren't men told to not go out of the house after 8 ? For how long women will have to suffer just because they're women ?


Well I want to make a humble request to our PM Shri Narendra Modi that make its high time that he should move his focus on women's safety also. And make our safety laws more strong and firm.

I would also like to request our CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal to kindly take an action for the safety of women. As women are no longer safe in Delhi and he being the CM of Delhi should as soon a possible take necessary steps to make Delhi a better state for us women to live.

Our judicial system should process faster and they should not take years to sentence the rapists. There needs to fear of law in men who think its okay to rape a women. 

Please sign my petition so that some steps can be taken to make women's safety and rape laws firm.