We urge change.org to stop challenging "Change UK - The Independent Group"

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In the UK, a group of former Labour and Tory MPs have recently decided to form a new political organisation to change the British politics for the better. The possibility of early elections, made it necessary to register the organisation as a party as soon as possible. This took place on 29 March 2019 under the name "Change UK - The Independent Group".

"Change.org" a petition website, now seeking legal advice and contacted the Electoral Commission, reclaiming the word "change" for itself. This includes the immense risk that the registry is unnecessarily delayed and the new party (which alone in the social networks won already hundreds of thousands of supporters), may can not participate in possible soon upcoming elections: in London, for the Parliament of the European Union and possible Snap Elections in the UK. It is expected that "Change UK - The Independent Group" will receive a mandate by the British electorate which can significantly influence British politics in this most important moment of British history in a generation.

We, the undersigned, call on change.org to withdraw its appeal and not undermine the hopes of hundreds of thousands of Britons.

We ask change.org, with all the understanding that we muster, to regard the future of the British nation and Europe as more important than the short-term preservation of their own interests. It's about the future of the current and following generations of Britons. A future which offers them the possibilities to live, work, vote and study as equal members of Europe. A common European future and identity that offers more opportunities than ever before is in risk for all of the British people.