We need a new Social Work system to protect children and young people.

We need a new Social Work system to protect children and young people.

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Why this petition matters

Started by Sarah Jane McEwen

How many more children or young people have to suffer at the hands of evil in this world and negligence? How many more times do we wait for ‘there was nothing else we could have done’…‘we tried’…‘we knew something bad would happen’…how many more people will be let down, how many more vulnerable people will lose their lives? 
The social work system is not good enough. Ticking boxes, juggling cases or reports in order of severity/seriousness does not constitute fulfilling a duty of care. Which we all have. It does not protect those who are vulnerable. Every single case is important.
Parents, families, guardians, carers etc all have too many rights. 
Those who are vulnerable need more rights, particularly if they can’t speak for themselves - infants, toddlers, children, adolescents, young adults, and older adults too.

Social workers should have more power and say, their professionalism should be taken into account with decisions, they are often ignored with their concerns and voices silenced. They are overworked and need more support. 

We need to make changes - for every innocent human being who has suffered or lost their lives, and for those suffering now or they will continue to suffer. 
We all need to speak up and keep fighting this. We can make a difference. 

More funding from our government is needed

Everytime something terrible happens, we are all affected in different ways and asking why, what if, if only we had done this, could we have done something! Yes!!! We could have and yes we can.

I am just one voice, on my own. 
If we all sign this then we can hopefully make a difference. 
If we have a better system and more funding we can save lives. 

25 have signed. Let’s get to 50!