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The Cat : Shy

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I have been volunteering at a Cat Shelter for over 3 months and a cat came in that I had seen, known before volunteering. I saw that cat and I knew I just had to adopt it because I had spent time with him, gave it gifts, and gave him lots of love before he had came to the shelter. Before the shelter it was my neighbors chat and my neighbors had passed away, therefor they had to give their cat to the local cat shelter. There are dog and cat festivals here and I would always bring them food, and toys for our neighbors to have for them. I would always play with them and I would always think to myself, "I wish I had a cat like this." I don't have a cat and my dad is allergic, so it will/would be tough getting this cat. That's why I am making this petition. If we can get enough people to sign this, then hopefully I can get my parents to be aware of how much this cat means to me and what it would mean to adopt it. I have two dogs and I don't know if they are very liking to cats so, I would give up almost all my room for it and we could get a divider so the dogs can't get to where the cat is. Our neighbors had two cats but one passed away which is partly why I think the other cat; Shy, should be adopted in our home. I would make sure the cat has toys, a bed, and high ground for a safe environment for him. My family and mostly me ( I think ) would be affected by this greatly because we all are familiar with Shy and have known him for quite some time, which is also why I think Shy is purrfect for us! It would be very helpful if you could sign this, Shy means a whole lot to me and I think that he would be very happy in our home. It would mean so much if you would sign it, knowing that there are people out there that support me in trying to get this cat, and why. Thank you for reading this I hope we can adopt Shy.

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