Term 2 board exams should be held online

Term 2 board exams should be held online

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Hello all 

I'm here just to make request n raise my voice on behalf of everyone. Even I'm student studying in 12th n as everyone knows studies are important and a student is recognised by how much grade or% they are getting but what's the matter with exams aren't they just held to know a students capability or just to test weather student have learned or not so why is it so necessary to take offline exams . Govt is even ready to risk out teenagers lives just for the sake of giving offline exams .CBSE and ICSE has already held term 1 offline isn't it enough . 

There's a high rise in COVID cases plus it have mutated so far and had new variants coming like Delta.. omicron..IHU n what not. Even elders have be so stressed up coz of these change in schedule so many people are suffering through COVID .Even kids are adjusting so why can't govt adjust .

10th n 12th std students have missed their golden n memorable days they have sacrifised so much coz of COVID the schools went online started teaching teacher student everyone started learning how to study online altough It is not as much effective as offline studies .But almost everyone cope up with online studies it's been more than a year everyone is studying online so why cant they write exams online 

Term 1 was taken offline it was enough to know capabilities of the students term 2 can be held online

What's the problem with taking online exams if it's the matter of cheating govt  can form a website where a child can click ans once . School can form section of 10 ..10 students in a meeting for exams 1 teacher can look upto 10 students easily and obviously all the students giving boards are humans not super heroes that they can find each h every correct ans on goggle that to while a inviglator is observing you very carefully and plus u have to finish paper in limited time . Its not so possible to cheat and govt. said that if conditions are not good while term 2 they will make term 2 online everyone can see the cases rising all tuitions even have moved online it is very inconvenient for students to endure so much pressure :

They have to complete all theirs written projects n submit 

They have to complete 6 months( 50%) portion in 2 months 

They have to practice writing subjective papers what they haven't written over a year plus side by side they have to practice for objective type too

Its very hard for a student to adjust n agree with all the things they are human beings and they are being pressured to study too much they are being restless and stressed out 

Thus I request you to make a statement weather the exam is going to be subjective or objective type so that a student will try preparing for that and be less confused and less stressed

Many students are preferring objective type coz practising for subjective type within 2 months is very hard for them as long ans type questions etc take a bit more time to be learned than just learning the concept . 

And due to rising COVID cases it's not okay to put students and their families at risk so it's better to keep term 2 online .

I hope you understand what I am trying to convey it's on behalf of all the students of 10th n 12th




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