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The lawless man revealed, reality X and the mark of the beast

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There seems that no ones paying attention, as a fully qualified Accountant i have looked at the historical data and can make qualified forecast of the results of this information surrounding the rfid chip and come to the conclusion that it is the mark of the beast and also who the lawless man in the bible is referring to, what law is broken and what is the expected outcome if this being God's breathe as i am a child of God nothing more nothing less and it is is up to everyone to first save yourself then save the world.

 The first thing you need to understand is you need to be brought up to speed on a few issue between how you breath though your nostrils whereas i try and only breathe through God's nostrils it is not completely perfected as i am still learning but if you do not understand what i am saying it because you need to not only understanding what God has reserved for one of his children has been given to share with the world things that no minds have ever conceived.  To prove i love God and God loves me in return. But it is of a watchman who through Gods commandments i know what true loving your neighbor means and it is not trying to force you to do anything other then repent.

 i actually worked out for example, the way to think so that you are not subjected to " By the measure you judge will be judged and measured against you" so how do get around that? Well you find these sorts of treasures through searching for the truth. " in the land of darkness and the valley of death came a light saying " Repent as the kingdom of heaven is near." see chapter 5 so you can confirm God's kingdom is near. So if God is the judge of all then as a child of God i would say God's word reveals God's will and from this word i repent in God every thought or action and i am prepared to repent when i'm not completely got a matter completely meeting the definition of repent which is the act of change of mind, heart and/or spirit from belief to unbelief or from unbelief to belief and where possible feel sorry about the change in belief in the matter. This gives me a  a more loving loving appreciation for God which God reciprocates.

A lot of situation you will read do not seem to be from a judging eye possible of being from loving God because you do not understand the definition of repent in situations where for example i have broken my back and suffered for years of pain and been subjected to sorcery for years trying to poison the separation from God from me but the feel sorry part actually makes me have more more more love for God because the injury introduced to God's will about discern drugs and hence discerning that anti psychotic drugs and the mark of the beast the rfid chip,, as they are both mainly implemented by doctors and nurse which if they are not able to repent and this verse is true, nor will they repent of there murders, there thieving, there sorcery and there fornication. I have done 5 months jail from that verse and they can not see what they are doing to me and continue due to God sending delusional influence over those who are perishing as i disclose the lawless man in chapter 2 answering the 2 slit experiment proving that not every idea that you have is from God but you need to discern spirits, with meaning your a fallen star if you lovingly invented the world wide web but its not from love that you search for it as the son of destruction does through decay. With a real law in nature, detection with the collection of data and how reality behaves see chapter 5 than 2..

 You got to understand something this information is raw information it has only been known for a short time before i face potentially further slavely as God has me working on multiple projects so if you seek God you will be able to fill in the missing bit as i test the systems so do not judge on presentation as that is of a gentile way of seeing i am talking real application of the true reality and pending outcome that effects the composition of what the physical world is subjecting itself too willingly if this information is learned and  dismissed because you do not allow yourself to repent that far to know the truth even though it meets the definition of a pattern without anomalies and able solve the impossible like i know i can move mountains through detection with data collection no one else in the world has achieved that through faith in God . At minimum get a pen and paper and do chapter 5 and line it up to the source document and you will discover how i was given this gift to the world in its darkest hours if no one repents to use God's breathe to stop it well we have 7 years the alternative is a 1000 year reign of Christ. You have free will to listen to a qualified Accountant and child of God loving you regardless of what you believe. You can go back to believing anyone you like after we fix these two problems as they are both ramping up momentum and it rests on you finding out if your not perishing and see through the delusional influence as it is from God the delusional influence you need to save yourself as well as evil delusional influences or you are perishing and do understand anything i just said. Then know this whoever receives the mark of the beast shares in the same punishment as satan ie where the worm does not go out, so even if you just want, want to just perishing it is not found by accepting the mark of the beast. 

Now to the mark of the beast number 666 now wisdom tell me that whomever thought that allocating a number to be a legal entity with more rights then a human being which is a corporation which is 3 lots of three numbers 333 now go back 2000 years and try and explain fornication or more then one parties to the beast so you add another 333 to it to indicate to be made from more then one party add them together you get 666. So who have the power to enforce the mark of the beast the elite bankers, corporations, governments , media empires. doctors and nurses all feeling more secured in the beast knowing that they control you though a rfid chip as if they turn you off your out of the beast system which is what scares you to comply to the demands of the minority who will be able to monitor your every movement and financial transaction. However you overlooked the need for our dependence on God 

Anyway you have read this far you you are able to repent then and be party to what no one has seen, no ear heard, what no mind has conceived found on facebook search northypoint adam grech chapter 1 to 6 and appendix 1 and 2 and related posts .

This not perfectly written but i do expect to be persecuted like usually happens as the intention is love and does not discriminate so only you and God's connection can get you through and you unfortunately need eyes that see and need to see an example of the proof of relationship with God some times to strengthen your faith as i;m not accepting any delusional influence from anyone without source documents from God's word to be of the conversation level i expect not something you think, or man only thinks, as what account is that, it's perishing i do not want to be dragged down with you as i love God and want to save myself as well so stop judging and start repenting and then we will have the ability to communicate equally as i'm sharing knowledge what cost me nearly everything and shows these answers as i love God no matter what evil i face next i put my faith in God to get me through as do not believe anyone is lord but Jesus Christ. unless your willing to confess that with your tongue walk away and peace be with you but do not be offended by the truth i have been shown from doing God's will as it is not meant to be offensive  i am only using my gift to bring glory to God because the chances of me being alive today is zero without God loving me. No probability, impossible as there's God's word and it teaches us God's will so we can apply it and make an account of it and if believe it you can see the beast after watching zeitgeist movies and reading appendix 1 and i was warned by two other children of God before i started investigating the rfid chip and i have eyes that see and ears that hear i watch every bit of God's concealment of of a matter as is for my designated responsibility as as an accountant that the results of the game i played with God showed if your not doing God's perfect will confirming for you how realty works as not doing God's perfect will, well it opens up opportunity to potentially let evil dictate your outcome which is what not doing God's perfect will can only produce at some point if you do not see its instructional quality from the opposite tact which is there to instruct you to fully repent from the evil and the the inevitable production of evil fruit and its driving force is to make you more wicked and depraved. The game i played was still of God's will as it was a test run for SSME and it was nothing to do with the rights of anyone compared to any other breaker of God's will the fact remains that the word of God is a shied from evil arrows so if you swap God's will for something else you have now equipped evil to exert lordship qualities over whomever has broken this will and the fruit of it can be so diverse that it is immeasurable without realizing you need to repent back to God's will as if you believe in SSME  giving you pleasure in breaking God's will,  then somewhere along the line it will fruit evilly for example oppressing the voice of child of God. As it states my enemy are God  enemy and i am to love my enemy?  Why you say, well God is the judge of all and eternity is a long time to give up hope for your enemy as they can become members of your household while father and son remain divided but you still love your father he just is not a member of the family of God through Jesus Christ yet. we should be we are just fighting spiritually not physically but what is the fruit of evil is flesh so so you end up like Jesus did persecuted for no reason but  God's will to allow evil fruiting as the further your away from the light the more defensive is the flesh. For some reason the people with the power in the world attach themselves to the beast as they forget master and slave are equal. My only negative experience with a situation with a homosexual other then the tempter satan forcing me to respond to the SSME voting by a nation that satan gets rights to instruct from his tact where if you do not repent then you become a captive, was where i saw a catholic school teacher coming out of a public girls toilet with 3 other men  whereas i do not recall seeing two heterosexual couples coming out of a public toilet together as they would be sinning and would do more then likely in there home. So why homosexuality in a public place and not in a home when i was at school age had me concerned. However the teacher saw that i was witness to this so what happen was he tried get me expelled from school and ruin my life but God got me through my last year of school. I am thankful the for self control i had and he eventually got caught by a parent and lost his job. I did not even want him to loss his job as he engaged in sinning but not against children. However it powered the teacher to try to produce evil against me when i saw the incident and he want to keep something he kept in dark. in darkness and i was the light so you try and remove the light. so no backlash. i am giving  an account  of what i see. don't please persecute me as God turns these persecutions of me into finding treasures as i only represent 1 in 227000 people in my local area as no one is trying to listen as every one wants to hear peace and safety but that is when destruction comes and there is no escape  ie rfid chip. You think i make this up without confirmation from God as, whilst i am correcting the previous nights work as it is hours upon hours of commitment to God's will and you cannot maintain it within the required balance of needing to sleep at points always as you need to wrap it up with something mind blowing well my mother proudly says just 10 minutes ago i bought you this wallet and it is special see look it protects you from technology where they can steal your money from your cards. Well in 4 pockets each pocket says firmly " RFID PROTECTED DESIGN " so to start with who are they when i only have neighbors and how did she come to associate RFID with protection, whose promoting this beast in your face transition from an old system of wallets pointing to a new system of RFID chips. But cant you see what it is really saying is this wallet is designed to protect your RFID chips on your cards so what does that mean if the chip is in you does it mean every couple of weeks you need to buy a new glove to protect your chip from your neighbors, which have updated encryption from hacking as it obvious from my new wallet but you cannot see the beast you might still say, well it is here in my bed this coordinated evil from the heavenly and physical realms powers, dominions, authorities and rulers fruit so new and what is with the idolatry of "RFID" and association of "protection" but really meaning in need of protection as it is compromised and still people through evil you are programmed to associate to believe the opposite through media that may have for example of what you are really exposing yourself to on television is what you would do is simple every 5 minutes is have RFID PROTECTION flash on the screen faster then an eye can see but the mind can unconsciously register which is mind control. My wallet does not say " credit card protection"  but says RFID  but somehow at 72 years old my mum knew what it meant and while i am in God's word she is regularly watching the television which is creating a false Gods for worship look at wikepedia says about brand association:  The ancient philosophy and practices of the Greeks, thereafter Romans, were imbued with polytheistic idolatry.[37][38] They debate what is an image and if the use of image is appropriate. To Plato, images can be a remedy or poison to the human experience.[39] To Aristotle, states Paul Kugler, an image is an appropriate mental intermediary that "bridges between the inner world of the mind and the outer world of material reality", the image is a vehicle between sensation and reason. Idols are useful psychological catalysts, they reflect sense data and pre-existing inner feelings. if you read this far you are the minority and you now know why. Read facebook northypoint posts for further investigation of God's reality. Just remember i know delusion influence when i see it through the Holy Spirit ministering to me. So with the lawless man saying God sends a delusion influence his talking about not being able to see reality x the 2 slit experiment and CERN and the hiding quality of  v heavenly realm on top of ^the physical realm under the law in nature of detection with data collection  both ^ or not as i am through God 's will shown it through love from God and hence it is really only God's breath as he showed me it. See reality x in the photo and chapter 5. Whereas this RFIDidol is a beast delusional influence.. .

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