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A very intolerant user by the name of Christopher Morris has launched a petition to ban my novel "The Sheltered Life of Betsy Parker" which I self-published on  His main attack against my novel is that the protagonist, Betsy Parker, lives naked throughout all stages of her life, including childhood.  This is because she has an allergic skin condition that makes her have no choice but to be naked all the time.

Yes, "The Sheltered Life of Betsy Parker" revolves around nudity, but this book is not pornography, and definitely not child pornography.  In fact, if my book were child pornography, I would happily concur that Christopher would not only have every right to create a petition to have it banned, but also every right to call the police and get me thrown in the slammer! I only use nudity in this book in a natural context, and I've limited themes of harsh language and violence only where truly necessary for the storyline. About the most "suggestive" scene in the entire book is a few sentences near the beginning where Betsy laughs at her butt cheeks wiggling when she's just getting to know her body as a toddler.

Christopher thinks he might tolerate my book being available if I made Betsy an adult all through the story and marketed it to adults only.  However, this would REALLY make "The Sheltered Life of Betsy Parker" look like some weird, pornographic, adult book, and it would also contradict various facets of the story itself, including Betsy trying to have childhood friends, and Betsy trying to maintain a strong bond with her younger sister as children growing up together.

I don't know what Christopher's problem is.  Maybe he's overly religious, maybe he grew up in an extremely conservative family or neighbourhood, maybe he's been sexually abused as a child.  Whatever his situation is, I do not believe that this grants him any right to petition against my novel to have it banned.  I am asking you all to step forward to stop Christopher from growing his petition any further, and ultimately sending it to amazon where, for all I know, they just MIGHT ban my book upon seeing his petition.

In case you're interested in reading Christopher's petition to help you further understand the issue, you can find it at

You can also find reviews from people who have read Betsy Parker and found it perfectly innocent and NOT pornographic at


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