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"With all my heart, I file this petition for the Holy Hill ‘Shikharji’.

When God has chosen his land for us to pray and pilgrimage, who are we to change purpose of its vicinity? The Pious ‘Shikharji’ Hill, Niravan Bhoomi of 20-20 Tirthankaras, is a sacred place of worship.

The Giridih District has been famous in the world for housing ‘Shikharji Hill’ on its land. The entire Hill has been worshipped by the Jains since time immemorial.

For the government, it might be a mere piece of land but for me, the entire Hill is an object of worship having strong roots to spiritual existence and beliefs. It is a place to perform the holiest practices for the Jains from across the globe.

I hereby sign this petition and demand that Government: 
(1) must recognize and declare the ‘Shikharji Hill’ as a place of worship,
(2) shall stop developing Shikharji as tourist destination,
(3) shall remove helipad and military barracks on the Hill and
(4) must not construct Marang Buru temple on the Hill, 
to safeguard our most sacred place, a place where our spirits and souls can attain experience of ultimate serenity and tranquility."