Remove Brit Harper Petition To “Remove Halle Bailey As Ariel”

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So recently “Brit Harper” has started a petition to remove Halle Bailey as Ariel in the new upcoming movie Little Mermaid the is a petition to remove that petition. This movie is for children and it should not matter if the mermaid is black,white, Asian or Indian This young girl has the talent and the vocal abilities to sing the part and she is absolutely beautiful. Ok I see a lot of you saying that she had red hair and blue eyes but there is a little thing called Makeup and hair dye (she don’t need it) you people are big mad over something you absolutely can not control none of you have put in any money to remake this film and the director has made his/her decision and I believe it was a perfect one if you people want an all white version then maybe you all should save up your money and fund it yourself until shutup, sit down and get ready to watch Halle knock this roll out the park!!! P.S if you need an Ursula I’m available � lol