Reduce the age of diagnosing children with mental health

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For two years I have been personally battling all healthcare professionals in my sons life- to be told I am paranoid and no reason to keep challenging their opionions on my son 

I feel extremly failed by the people who have worked along side myself and my son - and have spoken to many other families who have had the same problem - my son is physically and verbally abusive and also self harms himself and I cannot  wait until he was 7 to be diagnosed, that’s if they would of assessed him at that age as there is no guarantee 

The door was continuously slammed in our faces, when we spoke up about the neglect we personally thought was happening and the cases were being closed 

Falsly recorded information from professinals led to to the delay and the refusing of my sons diagnosis 

I then discovered it was not massively expensive to go privately from some one I knew - I had to research and do my own home work to gain an understanding of the steps needed to be taken 

Dr Joshua Carritt-Baker Is the specialist who helped me and listened and noticed Kians behaviour in the first intitial meeting 

Please help us help others get the information they need 

We are trying to reduce the age of children being diagnosed with mental Mental health disabilities 

So action can be put in place to help the parents and families understand and cope with the difficulties they face 

This has driven us to establish a charity to raise awareness and take this petition further to show people standing together to stand up for children’s right to know why and what it is that can help them


There is more awareness but not in many ways it should be - 

The younger children are diagnosed they can then determine activites, and social interaction suitable to their needs 

Get rid of the stigma that people have on misbehaved children

Suicide rates are on the rise from frustration and not being heard and this can be prevented by sharing and helping each other 

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