DAMO'S LAW.. (SUICIDE PREVENTION) new law like RYAN'S RULE Please Help save our loved ones

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                                      My name is Damo,
           I was born 14th May 1984 i sadly committed SUICIDE....
          i HUNG my self 5th December 2016... i was 32 years old...

                              Damo's Law:  like Ryan's RULE:

                we need a 3rd party medical/mental health team
                                 that can be called in to come
                       re-asses these situations when the family
                       and the suicidal person no that its not OK
              so we/our loved ones can be kept safe till it passes 


Here is my story....
I was diagnosed with Paranoid Skitzaphrenia i suffered for 5 years
with the demons inside my head...
I thought people were going to kill me on a daily basis...
i even thought my own family was going to kill sometimes... i just wanted it to stop...
i wanted to kill my self before they torture me... He would say...


As this mental health seen me reguarly i had about 30 attempts with my mental stat of mind
in and out of the ward needles pills more needles more pills.....
i dont think they worried about me anymore..

At the time of my death i had been off my medication for awhile but was trying to be stableised
as i had gone away for 2 months... but i was not doing so well... i was not with reality.....
things happened and i was no longer with reality at all... i had 2 visits with these workers
in the couple weeks i stayed with my sister... I told the workers i was going to kill myself
my sister told them i was going to kill myself as i was not with reality to the point i thought
i had not seen her in 10 yrs... it had only be 8 weeks.... mental health walked away and left
me there twice... my mum returned from hospital so i returned to be with my mum... my mum rang
and tried to get me admitted in the last 5 days i was here on earth... but the mental health was
still not listening... i think my family memembers would no me alot better than you... as you only
come to give me more pills or needles... you dont actually care that im lost, broken, torn, confused,
scared, alone, my mind shredded into millions of fears all coming at me at once and i cant stop them...
there telling me how there going to torture me and how they will kill me... i dont want to be here anymore..
make them Stop..... why wont you make them stop... why wont you help me...
why do you think its just in my head??.. why is it not real??? its a real to me as my coffin was to you...
now do you see how real it is??... now do you see i couldnt stop it.. i needed to be kept safe...
i need to leave before they hurt me... i told you i was gonna 'KILL MYSELF' and you let me...
you knew i wasnt OK but you walked away anyways becuase im not your son, brother, dad, daughter, sister
so you dont care if i DIE ... one less case for you to worry about... well guess what I DID DIE...
i HUNG myself where my mum was left to find me liffeless.... you could have prevented this from
happening if you had of just listened to my family if not listening to me because of my mental
state of mind even in those last 5 days if you had of listened to my family... i could possibly still
be ALIVE as i would have been kept safe where i couldnt hurt myself... why didnt you listen???...

Will you listen now that im gone???..... Please help save our loved ones....

Damo's Law (Suicide Prevention)

Please sign petition to help bring in a new law that helps prevent the loss of our loved ones
just like Ryan's Law we need Damo's Law we need to be able to call a 3rd party medial/mental team
thats not involed with your normal place of buisness i.e hospital mental health ward they can
come in and reasses the situation without judging and hopefully have your loved one admitted and be safe
we as the family members no our loved ones better and we no when things really are not OK
so please get behind me and my brother and lets get this new law in please your support would be
greatly appriecated thank you so much Damo and Tessa From Australia

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If you are concerned about the mental health of
yourself or someone you know,
there is support out there.
We advise you to seek help from your GP or call Lifeline 13 11 14,
Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia [PANDA] 1300 726 306
or Beyond Blue 1300 22 46 36.

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We are trying to demonstrate that someone's always listening.

Lifeline 13 11 14,
Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia [PANDA]
1300 726 306
or Beyond Blue 1300 22 46 36.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline tel:1-800-273-8255

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