Stop the thought police from "Take it down Netflix"

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100! to me should represent a model for protesting and petitioning against negative events that effect everyone, such as tracking in dangerous areas, testing nukes or something in that vain. This shouldn't be a moaning station because someone was offended by another person. I want to take down the petition "Take it down, Netflix". A petition against Tom Segura for using the word "retard". I don't feel he used it out of context or was anyway insulting, he was being honest about a generation of people who used the word to describe a bad idea. He did not attack downs syndrome sufferers at all. And most of all, it was a joke. should not be used to attack another individual or company about a single joke. It's up to the individual to be offended and it's also your choice to watch or not watch Tom Segura.