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Stop the extinction of bees and other useful insects through "fogging"!

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For decades the government(s) of Barbados and other countries have forced a "fogging" program on their population(s). It means that a highly toxic mix of insecticides and (most likely) Diesel is being sprayed from trucks into the air in tremendous amounts.

The aim is to eradicate mosquitoes and hereby to control the spread of diseases like Dengue, Zika, etc.

The problem is that it also kills bees and other useful insects, necessary for the pollination of most of our fruits and vegetables. And not to forget, it can also seriously affect the health of humans, livestock and domestic animals through inhalation and the consumption of any kind of food that comes into contact with this deadly mix.  

So, instead of tackling the mosquito problem through keeping our environment clean and government supported initiatives like debushing overgrown wasteland, draining stagnant water, cleaning up illegal dumping grounds and many more sources for mosquito breeding, we are just systematically being poisoned.

So please, stop "fogging" with immediate effect for the better of all of us! 

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