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Official ticket websites are selling tickets for horrendous prices like the ones for Shawn Mendes. I just read prices are made by the artists management. 
I don't care who makes the prices but if a normal tickets costs 80€ and is suddenly sold for 377€ or 661CHF something is wrong. The ticket websites sell it as top seats even though it's just a normal seat and the person in front or next to you probably payed 5,6 or 7 times less than you. What you get doesn't justify the price. 
I am a fangirl like so many of you and I don't want to hold something against Shawn.
These overpriced tickets are also sold for other artists.
Please sign this petition so maybe we can stop managements and ticket websites selling these overpriced tickets.

It just takes a minute to support this petitioN and if we get heard it; might save you money buying tickets next time. 

Please share this on social media and ask your friends to sign it.
THANK YOU!!! #SayNoToOverpricedConcertTickets