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Stop Animal Cruelty

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There are places that treat animals horribly just for our consumption, chickens are stuffed in cages, their beaks are melted off , baby chicks are put into a grinder. Pigs are hung by their feet and get their throats slit.

All over domesticated pets are being abused and left out to die , and trained to attack for no reason it's gotten so bad that in some places pit bulls are banned and will be shot on site, dogs are being punished when they're provoked by kids who don't know any better , people are forcing their owners to spay/neuter/declaw their cats or they won't allow them to live in certain buildings. And you may think declawing isn't something to worry about but it is. Declawing is just breaking the cats little fingers.

There's a Chinese dog eating festival that occurs every year where they kill dogs for their consumption. 

If you don't sign this there's a chance it will keep happening, do you really want to take that chance?

I am here asking for this change to be made please sign my petition. 

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