school children are facing numerous problems with leather shoes and belts and ties

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 CHILDREN  FACE MANY PROBLEMS  throught their life due to unhealthy life style during  primary and higher school  period. Especially in hotter countries like india .  School uniform of european countries does not suit to this INDIAN CLIMATE.

According to health experts, yogis, accupuncture experts , all meridians of  human body will pass through foot . while walking those meridians will activate and send nerve impulses to different organs of body, the resultant effect will give good health. 

 Lungs should expand more to take air, Loose clothes will give more comfort in HOT countries like india.  Schools and colleges are following certain foreign norms without thinking about the native atmosphere and environmental conditions .

consequently our children and young people are forced to wear LEATHER PRODUCTS , tight coats, tight clothes with TIES  and belts.  Continuous use are making them uncomfortable and unhealthy.  A recent observation  found that  school children are becoming lethargic, more nervous, inactive and stressful  by wearing them.  Adding to that parents and teachers  are forcing them to wear continuously from 7 am  to  6 pm  depends upon place to place.  The habit of wearing  is making them to continue even in work places of hotter countries like  INDIA.

ADVANTAGES  of banning them: 

Reduction of stressful situation throughout the day. Parents and students are relieved from discomfort.  They will get proper air comfort .  Reduction of LIFE STYLE disorders like diabetes mellitus,  More activeness and happy life.

Pollution from wastage of these products can be reduced.  

children will get into contact with five elements of nature while playing

Psychological stress can be reduced in the childs mind.

Air and thermal comfort will give boost to overall health and increases memorypower. Accupressure  , channelisation of energy throught the body will

reduce  the amount of spending on health in an average middle class family.

EVERY PERSON  should make pledge to live healthy life without becoming prey to the anti social element  which are detrimental to the prospective culture of INDIA.

BAN  shoes, ties, belts  to children and school students.